Oral medicine

We diagnose and treat mouth and jaw conditions that do not need surgery. This includes abnormalities of the lining of your mouth; white or red or pigmented patches; lumps and bumps; ulcers; face, jaw or mouth pain; and mouth dryness and salivary gland disorders.

We do not treat common dental disorders such as tooth and gum disease or mouth trauma/injuries.

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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontic and Restorative Department
The Gillies Unit
Level 2
B Block

To Change/cancel your first (new patient) outpatient appointment only, tel: 0203 299 4988 or email kch-tr.DWLO@nhs.net To Change/cancel your follow-up outpatient appointment and questions about your treatment, tel: 0203 960 5500 or email kch-tr.qmsdental@nhs.net

How to refer:

You can refer using NHS e-Referral only, sent to either of the following email addresses:

Email: kch-tr.DWLO@nhs.net or kch-tr.qmsdental@nhs.net

Opening hours:

9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday; closed 1pm-2pm