Thousands saved on maintenance contracts

16 October 2014
Basit Abdul is the Queen Mary’s Hospital based Medical Equipment Manager, and through his work he has help save £47,807 over an 11 month period.

He presented his work at a European conference recently using a poster presentation at the The 6th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering 2014, in Croatia, last month.

He outlined how a process was developed and implemented resulting in 13% net savings (£47,807) on medical equipment maintenance contracts without compromising quality and patient safety.

Medical equipment has a central role in today’s healthcare system. It not only constitutes a major capital investment but a considerable portion of revenue budget is required for its maintenance. Organisations maintain medical equipment through an in-house clinical engineering department or outsource maintenance to original equipment manufacturers or to third party contractors or a combination of all these.

It is even more complicated at Queen Mary’s where Basit has maintenance contracts to look after for other NHS trusts based on the site. He said: “It can be a challenge to get value for money.”