‘Morale is improving on a daily basis’

10 November 2013
Modern Matron, Judy Fell, has worked at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup, since 1992. She specialises in orthopaedic and general surgery and is full of praise for the way we have begun to improve the QMH site.

Judy is an employee of Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust and previously worked for South London Healthcare NHS Trust before it was dissolved.

She is well known at the hospital and is a good barometer of how staff are feeling at the site. She said: “Since Oxleas took over the management here it is looking a lot smarter. It is now a lot easier to get things done and there is more cooperation between providers and staff.

"The whole place is really coming up. Morale is improving on a daily basis. And from a patient clinical care and experience point of view we feel we can do what we need to to improve the patient experience. For example in the area of enhanced recovery we can now move forward with our plans. We all feel more included.

“I think there is a feeling that we are more integrated into the Dartford and Gravesham and Oxleas teams. There has been a definite improvement in the fabric of the site. We can now get things fixed. There is some new signage, the gardeners have been in and we have one rather than the previous two helpdesks.

“It feels like the place is getting back to the friendly environment it once had. It really is exciting to think that Oxleas is ready to spend £30 million on the hospital.”