Boost for those with Parkinson’s in Bexley

09 April 2015
The 22-strong Bexley Community Neurological Rehabilitation Team of therapists and nurses have been working hard to develop Parkinson’s Exercise and Education groups. These have proved popular with patients and staff alike.

The groups are run for two hours a week over a six week period and consist of 10 people with Parkinson’s Disease who are identified as potentially benefiting from such sessions.

Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist, Sue Phillips, said: “We are now into our third six week course and the feedback from previous participants has been really positive.

“The aim of group is to have increased knowledge of Parkinson’s and ways in which it is able to manage the condition most effectively.”

As well as offering patients a personally tailored exercise programme, group objectives include: helping people to be more confident with self-management strategies; to be able to practise exercise independently and to exchange views and ideas with other group members.

Here are just a few of the comments from people that have taken part in the groups:

"Enjoyed the course very much"
"Found both the exercise and lectures very useful"
"Very useful, motivating and is helping my wife and I to exercise together".

The team will also be manning a stall at Queen Mary’s main reception Foyer in B Block on the 20 April 9.30am - 12.30pm during Parkinson’s Awareness Week.

Parkinson's Awareness Week is the biggest opportunity of the year to help the public understand the reality of life with Parkinson's and what they can do to help.

This year's Parkinson's Awareness Week (20-26 April 2015) is about getting everyone to be a whole lot friendlier. Holding open a door or a little patience in a long queue can brighten up someone's day. But for people with Parkinson's, it can make all the difference.