Anaesthetics / Chronic Pain Services

In the Anaesthetics service we provide anaesthesia, pain relief, theatre management and critical care. Our role extends beyond the provision of anaesthesia for surgery, reaching into all treatment areas. The Chronic Pain service provides an outpatient and day case service for patients suffering from chronic pain.

The word ‘anaesthesia’ means ‘loss of sensation’. If you have ever had a dental injection in your mouth or pain-killing drops put in your eyes, you already know important things about anaesthesia:

  • it stops you feeling pain and other sensations 
  • it can be given in various ways not all anaesthesia makes you unconscious
  • it can be directed to different parts of the body.
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Patients are seen in Outpatients at Junction 7, B Block

020 8302 2678 ext 4261

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 8.30am-5pm