14 October 2016
The latest in the multi-million pound redevelopment works to transform Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup into a vibrant community health hub were on display during a visit by local councillors.
01 September 2016
The main entrance to Queen Mary’s Hospital will be closed for the next eight months to allow the next phase of the redevelopment to go ahead.
24 August 2016
We’re running to schedule with the car park refurbishment programme at Queen Mary’s Hospital.
02 August 2016
The Bexley MSK team had a very unusual client recently - a mystery shopper.
27 July 2016
'Energetic' and 'creative' works of art now have pride of place in an exhibition at our Woodlands Unit.
29 June 2016
Another phase in the transformation of Queen Mary’s Hospital (QMH) has begun.